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We are committed to living by the guiding principles of integrity, teamwork, dedication, HES and commitment to adding value to our clients.



Tubing Conveyed Perforation

  1. TCP shoot and pull (overbalance perforation)
  2. TCP DST
  3. Provision of squeeze guns for wireline perforating.
  4. TCP single trip Y-block dual completions using Y-block/gtm guide in the in the completion of oil and water injector wells. saves conventional 6- trip rig time in achieving these  completions.

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Downhole Memory Gauges

Our quartz gauge records elapsed time, pressure and temperature data in an internal memory. These gauges can be powered by lithium batteries below ground or from the surfaces using a wireline power supply.

  • * Quartz gauges can be programmed to sample at a user determined rate which can be fixed or variable.

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Drill Stem Testing (DST)

Drill Stem Testing offers the fastest and safest method of evaluating the potential of a newly discovered hydrocarbon- bearing formation.

Our standard DST Stream includes

  • * Retrievable packer and safety joint - sizes from 4-Y,"  to 95/8"
  • * Tester joints - to shut in downhole to obtain formation pressure

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Valve & Wellhead Testing

Wellheads, valves and their actuators are key assets in oil and gas industry. Ensuring they  work  properly is  key to hitch free  operation. Our expertise covers various  wellheads,  chokes  and  values  including  Cameron, Vetco Gray, FMC and Kraemer.

  • * First and second line maintenance.
  • * Repair,  refurbishment and installation of wellhead equipment & accessories.
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